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charles fontès

Itinerary of a starred chef

Charles Fontès served his apprenticeship in the Hôtel des Neiges in Courchevel, the Carré des Feuillants in Paris and the Moulin de Brantôme in the Périgord under chefs who shared their passion for a way of cooking that showcases products without ever changing their essence.

At La Réserve Rimbaud, Charles Fontès tirelessly continues this task of highlighting the qualities of the best Occitan products and enhancing their reputation. These “exceptional regional raw materials” would be insignificant without the work of those who cultivate them: the producers.

Charles Fontès frequently meets these steadfast allies of his produce-based cuisine, the producers of the best that Occitania has to offer.With its idyllic setting on the banks of the river Lez, La Réserve Rimbaud provided a serendipitous opportunity for him to forge a link between the traditions of a Montpellier culinary institution and the flavour of modernity that he hoped to bring to both the location and his cuisine.

“Rediscover the taste of dishes that are well-designed and use the very best products.”



« Just like our rugby, our cuisine thrives on those little touches of extravagance, inspired by a team approach, which change the character of a dish, or a match, and make it unique».